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The 2016 Strategic Cancer Business Master Class · Dallas, TX · October 19-21, 2016

The Oncology Learning Center, Inc., has recognized the need for several preceptorships, or advanced-level training courses: “Master Classes” that have been designed specifically for the ongoing training of executives of the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostic/testing industry, and related or support companies and organizations such as Advertising Executives, and Advertising/Medical/Marketing Communication Account Executives and their copywriters. In fact, many pharmaceutical companies have required that their agencies of record take one of more of these courses.

This first of this 2016/2017 series of Master Classes, The 2016 Strategic Cancer Business Master Class, has been under development for nearly two years. This Master Class is designed for both experienced pharmaceutical executives who wish to remain current with the vast amount of new information involving the treatment of cancer patients. Taking this Master Class is practically a necessity as is the mandated 30 hours of CME or CE required by oncologists, hematologists, cancer nurses, cancer pharmacists and other cancer Health Care Professionals HCPs) who are considered as the “customers” of these HCPs. The 2016 Strategic Cancer Business Master Class is also an ideal opportunity for executives who are experienced executives within their companies with considerable industry experience but who are new or relatively to oncology/hematology.


Two additional Cancer Master Classes, similar in design to The 2016 Strategic Cancer Business Master Class are also under development, and several more tumor-specific classes for industry are planned for 2017. Most of these Master Classes were initially conducted a decade ago and are now back by popular demand, the result of requests from many of the pharmaceutical industry participants of previous Master Classes, who recognize the ongoing need for these courses, both for themselves but also for their colleagues.

These new Master Classes, one on lung cancer, and the other on immune therapies are being designed as advanced-level training programs. They are “immersion courses” for experienced cancer industry executives who are either new or relatively new to cancer, or as ideal preceptorships for cancer industry executives who wish to remain as current and as knowledgeable as their HCP customers (oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, et al) who are regularly learning about the same topics through other CME/CE programs, but in a different educational format designed specifically for healthcare practitioners. These two Master Classes for pharmaceutical, diagnostic/laboratory and other industry executives will be taught with a learning design designed for industry executives.

Should anyone be interested in prepaying for either or both of these courses, please contact Steve Madison directly at 214-269-2010 for information on discount details. Thank you.

Please note: There are two different Hyatt Hotels located INSIDE the DFW International Airport. The Immune Therapies Master Class 2016 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel which is located in Terminal C. The 2016 Strategic Cancer Business Master Class will be held October 19-21, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel INSIDE Terminal D of DFW Airport.

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